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  • DT Partnering

    DT Partnering

    We co-create the next big telco technologies together with Deutsche Telekom’s partners from across the globe, to create unique customer experiences.

  • Luca Bertagnolio

    Luca Bertagnolio

    A contrarian view on energy and the environment. Pro human, pro nuclear, pro fossil fuels, pro nature, and NOT against using nature to improve life for humans.

  • Jens Kjelsbak

    Jens Kjelsbak

  • Tristan Hörler

    Tristan Hörler

  • Linda Mazzotti

    Linda Mazzotti

  • Kate Montgomery

    Kate Montgomery

  • Fred Fenouil

    Fred Fenouil

  • Vitalis Hirschmann

    Vitalis Hirschmann

    Engineer and freelance photo- and videographer based in Morges, Switzerland —

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